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Earthquake Workshop

3/13-14 NCKU, Tainan
3/15-17 fieldtrip 
in Taiwan


Onsite Venue

National Cheng Kung University, No.1, University Road, Tainan City 701, Taiwan.  (Kuang-Fu Campus, KF19: International Conference Hall)

Daily schedule


Meeting in NCKU:
Topic1 & Topic 2

09:00-10:40 TOPIC1 oral session (2 invited 4 contributed )
11:10-12:30 TOPIC1 poster session
14:00-15:40 TOPIC2 oral
 session (2 invited 4 contributed )

16:10-17:30 TOPIC2 poster session

18:30 welcome dinner


Meeting in NCKU:

Topic 3 & Topic 4

09:00-10:40 TOPIC 3 oral session (2 invited 4 contributed )
11:10-12:30 TOPIC 3 poster session
14:00-15:40 TOPIC 4 discussion 

16:10-17:30 campus tour

18:30 free time in night market!


Fieldtrip: The creeping Chishan fault, Chungliao Tunnel, Gunshuiping Mud Volcano

09:00-12:00 fieldtrip (option A)
12:00-14:00 lunch (option B)
14:00-17:30 bus to Taitung (option B)

18:00 free time in Taitung city! (option B)


Fieldtrip: The creeping Chihshang fault and the Luyeh, Lichi faults, Surface rupture of the 2022/9/18 M6.9 earthquake

09:00-12:00 Chihshang, Luyeh, Lichii faults (option B)

12:00-14:00 lunch (option B)

14:00-14:30 bus to Yuli (option B)

14:30-15:30 2022/9/18 M6.9 earthquake surface ruptures (option B)

15:30~ train to Taipei (16:13~19:48)  - (option B)

15:30~ bus to Hualien - (option C)  


Visit Milun Fault Drilling and All-inclusive Sensing (MiDAS) in Hualien 
*introduction to this site

09:00-12:00 visit to MiDAS (option C)  

12:00-13:30 lunch (option C)  

13:30~ train to Taipei (13:48~16:24) (option C)  

Topic 1

Ryukyu subduction zone: What have we learned and what to do in the future?

invited speakers 

Ya-Ju Hsu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan):
Crustal Deformation in the Southern Ryukyu Margin Revealed by Seafloor Geodetic and Seismological Observations 

Makoto Otsubo (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan):
Ryukyu subduction zone: Earthquake diversity and Tectonic back
ground in arc-trench system with active backarc basin

Topic 2

The nature of seismic and creeping fault behavior in diverse tectonic settings

Invited Speaker

Li-Wei Kuo (National Central Univ., Taiwan) :
Geological records from seismic and aseismic faults in Taiwan and their implications

Yohei Hamada (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan):
Diversity of slip behavior and fluid distribution at the shallow portion of subduction plate boundaries

Topic 3

Emerging technologies and breakthrough innovations in Earthquake Science

Invited Speakers

Kuo-Fong Ma (Academia Sinica, Taiwan):  
What do/can we learn from downhole crossing fault optical fiber: Taiwan Milun fault Drilling and All-inclusive Sensing (MiDAS)

Keisuke Yano (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics):
Recent advances of data scie
nce techniques in seismology

Topic 4

General discussion toward future collaborative researches between Taiwan and Japan

This is a session where the participants will discuss about future collaboration.
Please enter the info below in the registration form

1. your name
2. potential topic
3. Target collaborators

We will contact the proposed "potential collaborators" before the meeting. 



Planning Committee

Taiwan Earthquake Research Center: Kate Huihsuan Chen, Kuo-En Ching, Ruey-Juin Rau, Kuo-Fong Ma, Ya-Ju Hsu, Jian-Cheng Lee, Hao Kuochen

Office and LOC of "Science of Slow-to-Fast Earthquakes" project: Satoshi Ide, Kazushige Obara, Kohtaro Ujiie, Shuichi Kodaira, Yoshihiro Ito

Funding sources

Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A)"Science of Slow-to-Fast Earthquakes”, Japan

Earth Science Research Promotion Center,  National Science and Technology Council, Taiwan

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